Posture corrector–FlyingStep

Sawadee Khrap

Back-Brace--Flying-Step-copyFlyingStep-BackBrace-webJust got my FlyingStep back brace posture corrector.   Sergey came over and helped me put it on for the first time – INSTRUCTIONS – wear ONLY for 1 hour/day for the first week.  After that 6 hours a day, especially while working at the computer.  This is also the first time in a long time that I could wear a “S” size, I have a 34 in. waist.       Real Quality.

What a difference !!!   I could really feel the change to my posture and the pressure it was putting on my back reminding me to sit up straight  -  I need a lot of correction and after one hour I could really feel the changes being developed and was glad to take it off.  I am sure that wearing this will correct my back problems and pain from being hunched over.  I’ll wear it for 1 hr. for the following week and report back before I start on long term correction.

Flying step logo 3-FinalIf your interested, you can get one from Sergey at Flying Step for 3,300 Baht. (see a earlier post for his company) or you can let me know by comment and I will pass it on to him.