Arterys better–now working on my arches

Sawadee Khrap

I have always had a problem with flat feet – in the US, the more expensive shoes are almost all made with arch supports, but here trying to find a good formed shoe or sandal is almost impossible.  I also wear off the back of the heels very fast and that gives me constant backaches  – what to do ? Flying step logo 3-Final


“Flying Step”  to the rescue.   My Russian friend, Sergey, has just opened his new office here in Pattaya on Soi Thappraya 12, just up the street from my condo.  WOW, what a difference – I went there yesterday and bought a pair of inserts, 3000 Baht,  this morning I had little or no pain during my morning walk and actually felt my back muscles starting to relax too.  I am finally able to wear my sandals or shoes with the same comfort – the inserts will fit in both.  I will go back in a month to adjust the pressure points for more comfort.  They are designed extremely thin, strong and durable – and as I mentioned, they are adjustable to allow for re-shaping the position support over time for increased comfort and reliability –  without increasing the cost.

Sounds like an ad for him – IT IS – getting my shoes to work and reducing the pain and tightness in my back, along with getting my blood pressure under control, is amazing – this is the best I have felt in ages – Call or stop in and check them out for your self.


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  1. I know only too well the benefits of good shoe inserts. Had some made several years ago here in Chiang Mai. Wouldn’t be without them…. Think they’re called ‘orthodics’, not sure of the spelling…..

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