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Sawadee Khrap

Well the week off helped.  Didn’t have the camera with me all week, for that matter I haven’t taken a picture in about 2 weeks.  With Loy Krathong  coming next weekend ( 24th) and the assignment for the Photo Club to get at least one shot of the festivities, I guess I will fire up the camera again.

I went to Chiang Rai to meet a possible special friend but even with a delightful weekend trip, we didn’t find each other to be right for a lasting relationship – too bad, could have been nice.  Had a great time though –  we went to Doi Mae Salon and the beautiful temple there – In Chiang Rai I had a foot massage – the girl was a little aggressive and I still feel where she went a little over board with the stick and pressure – one sore spot – Ohh Well.

We had our first meeting of the Camera Club – at Tusker’s Bar – great meeting and met some new friends.  Looking forward to see it grow.

And finally I have started a new project with the Novice Monks at Wat Suan Dok.  During the next year, each monk will have a chance to go home and visit their village and family.  Some have not been home for 3 – 4 years, what a welcome trip.  Cambodia and Laos are the homeland for many, some others are from China, Burma and of course – Thailand.  Each have a unique story to tell about how they took up the Robe and what it was and is like living in their villages.  Sooooooooooooooooooo Our project is:

  • I will teach them HTML and PHP so they can created a web site and I will give them space and an email address on my site to post their completed web site.
  • They will study and learn how to program and will do all coding for their little bio and tell about their lives and the village life and culture where they come from.   

So far we have 5–6 Monks in the group – stay tuned for a great viewing experience as we post their web sites and stories.  Please make any suggestions on what would be interesting to include and I will pass it onto them.

It’s been a long dry picture spell  – so with the holiday approaching next weekend – I should have some new images to show you –



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  1. Frank, I do hope that we can get you to fall in love with your camera once again, especially as we have a feast of Thai cultural events coming up this weekend.. ( The Loy Krathong Festival and the Kings 80th Birthday coming up).
    In remember how ‘War’ and ‘Zaa’ always got excited about the Krathong Festival, especially ‘Zaa’.

    An interesting new link for you is the Thai Temple over here in South London, The Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon. They’ve just put up a new website


    I am going to try to get some worthy shots this year – last night they had some fireworks but too far away from my Condo to get any shots – All of next week should give me some great opportunities.
    And thanks for the Temple link – very interesting.

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