Happy Thanksgiving

Sawadee Khrap

HAPPY THANKSGIVING  – I trust you are all having a great day.

Last night I went to MonkChat and took part in the first Wat Suan Dok MonkChat Radio broadcast on 106 FM for Chiang Mai, Lampoon and Lampang.  Had a great hour session with Phra Chhunny by interviewing each other on the spot, no scripts or format – went great and smooth, Chhunny is a wonderful speaker.

Wrapped that up at 6:30 and went to get something to eat – I did notice that at about 6 PM my stomach started to feel a little quiezzy, but by the time I finished the burger I bought I was in a great deal of pain, with vomiting and diarrhea.  I took some medicine I had and waited till about 9 PM to finally go to the hospital and get some stronger help.  Not sure whether is was food poisoning or bad water – in either event it sure put a damper on my Thanksgiving dinner arrangements for today – and most of all I had to cancel my weekly massage with a haircut today. Damn  – I waited all week for this pleasure.

So here I sit today, eating Cambell’s Chicken & Noodle Soup and taking antibiotics.  Feel much better and should be fully recovered tomorrow.  Have to get ready for Loy Krathong.  Charging the camera batteries now.


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. You are in Buddhist country and eating BURGER then going to temple? You have Thanksgiving day in Thailand?
    You eat Campbell’s Soup in Northern Thailand?
    You need more than antibiotic at hospital. You need new head.
    You very silly man. I try be kind to you. Hope you know not to bring bull to temple to kill to make burger for Thera.
    Farang do very silly things to Thailand!

    Thanks for your comments Sam. But the burger I had was a HAMburger made from pork, and I do try to keep my own culture and holidays just as my Thai friends in US try to keep their Thai holidays there. But I do admit that Farangs do very silly things – thanks for being kind to me – that is the Buddhist way.

  2. hi frank,

    happy thxgiving to u too! sorry to hear u did not feel well…hope u r feeling all fine now! i stll remember the time you host ur thxgiving dinner party lying down on the floor a few years ago in SF!…:)

    Thanks, Trust you had a great holiday too – I have that picture stuck on my refrigerator, you, Ron, Ron’s girlfriend, Roy & John and Nixon was there too. Quite a party, you can just see my knee sticking up from laying on the floor – I don’t think I have ever had so much pain. Back problems – will always get you down. Well the antibiotics are working and I feel much better now – almost human.

  3. Frank, That Monkchat sounds interesting. I dont suppose we can hear it via the internet.
    Hope you havent been buying burgers from those street vendors.
    Get well soon.

    Thanks David. Funny you ask, we are discussing how they can record and put on the new website, radio and podcasts of Monk Chat. That will be next. That night was the first broadcast of the radio station, when it’s working correctly then they will start on the Video and set up a podcast. They are really getting into the modern age – It’s great to be able to help them. The power of the radio station is very low – only able to reach a very small local audience, Chiang Mai, Lampoon and Lampang. Now they have to research what that audience wants. It’s mostly a Thai audience – so I think it need to be focused that way – time will tell.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Frank!! Sorry to hear you are on a soup diet right now, sounds like something didn’t agree with your plans for the week. And canceling the massage had to be more painful than the cramps!!
    Hope you recover really quick and back to your normal routines. Always anxious to see more pictures. Take care and happy healing!

    Thanks Michael – Ya the Cripro is working – here it’s like drinking the water in Mexico, but I suppose it’s because I’m out of my normal element and the body has to build up immunity to the local bugs. Soooooooooooooo I re-scheduled the massage for this morning, couldn’t wait another week. Glad I feel better too. Hope you had a great dinner and day

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