Donations update

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks everyone, we really appreciate and I know the Village of Lak Tang can use the money to finish the school building.

$100+  US   or   approx   3500+  Baht Donors:

David – UK         Michael – US

Less than $100

Phillip – Chiang Mai       Tom – Chiang Mai         Ted – US

These donations have been added to the moneys received from the Expat’s meetings for a TOTAL of over 17,000 Baht    so far  – much needed construction funds.  

In addition, local donations by the Expat members allowed us to deliver on Nov 1st a full pick-up truck of needed items to the community so far.  Clothes, Blankets, Food, a Bicycle, and many school supplies.  I didn’t get to go and so didn’t get any pictures – but I promise that I’ll be there for the next load and be sure and get a lot of images to show you.

Please keep sending in what you can – lets get that finished school built this year. 

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks