Latest trip to Lak Tang – and my break

Sawadee Khrap

Sunday, our two car caravan went to Lak Tang.  All from the Expats Club, attending were

Leigh & Kris, Ramlah, Christine, Ka, Wayne and Lucy.  We had a great time and saw some real beautiful scenery even thought it was very cloudy.  It was Sunday so we didn’t go to the 1 Baht School, class is out, but we did make it to Wat Fa Wiang Inn Temple and a side trip to the Refugee Camp.  We dropped off donations and met several of the people there.  I didn’t get any pictures, batteries went dead on the way – I forgot to re-charge them before leaving – sorry.   Thanks everyone for going.

I understand that they also want to go again and so sometime in the future we will plan another trip – check the Expats Newsletter for details and times.

And now for my break:

Since my breakup with Tasanai I haven’t been that excited to keep everything up to date – I guess I am a little more depressed about it than I thought.  I realize that this is to be expected as we were together of almost 2 years, but just feel tired now and need to take a short break from the blog and such. I think a week should do it.

Then I can get back to work and also finding my special one who will be a active part in my retirement.  Sometimes I wish I could just retire and sit back and watch the grass grow – but that’s not my nature.  Since I cannot work in Thailand but I still have to remain active – helping my partner build his retirement business affords me the activity I require.  Soooooooooooooo, my search for Mr. Right goes on.

Back next week – see Ya.


3 thoughts on “Latest trip to Lak Tang – and my break”

  1. hang in there frank! and best of luck in your search for mr. right…take care!

    Thanks Tin, I guess I’ve always been looking for Mr. Right – ha ha – I’ve always wanted to find someone who wants to build a future together, sharing work and pleasure in doing so. That’s what was lacking so far, the sharing the same goal – but I also know I have to put myself out there to find him. Tas was a great partner but did not see the same vision – We had a good run and hopefully both learned from each other – so this is just another branch in my path – funny though, I am certain that I’ll find what I am looking for. And what a great place to search – Thailand is really amazing as they say. Please stay in touch, and check the blog, lot of pictures and stories yet to come. I’ll hang in there. Send me an email and bring me up to date on your adventures. Ciao.

  2. Another knitwit poofta looking for love in Thailand. What a fucking joke.

    Such cynicism – I take it that you didn’t find anything lasting – perhaps moving away from the bars would help. But thanks for the comment.

  3. I hope your break will do you good. Best of luck on your search for Mr. Right. I’m sure he’s out there somewhere looking for you too.
    Miss ya!!!!

    Thanks Michael, Ya, I guess I’m just disappointed that we did not have a common ground – I thought we were working together towards a greater future. We were, but we each had a different goal in mind and apparently did not communicate what each really desired – my aspirations were not met and so I felt let down, my lesson for the next relationship is to make sure that is is being built around an agreed common focus – I cannot put that burden on another unless they agree in the beginning. Every day is a new lesson. See you in a week — Thanks again.

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