Non-Dualistic approach – but not quite.

Sawadee Khrap

At AA meetings, there’s a saying “attend and listen long enough and you will hear your story.”.  So true, and it  happened to me , when another shared their story of addiction  – it was almost  exactly like me talking –  In almost all circumstances it was the same with few exceptions, but those exceptions were profound and specific to each of us.

The same thing just occurred arabiregarding my Theology or concept of life.   In this talk by Filip, of   “Let’s talk Religion”  on YouTube titled  “Ibn ‘Arabi & The Unity of Being”  On the religion and Theology of this Mystic Sufi Muslim,  I heard my thoughts and concepts presented but with an glaring exception.    The  major exception, is that I see he is also trying to justify and include together  the existence of both the UN-Real and Real  –   GOD and ILLUSION   This world and God.  

Of course my Master is Jesus’s teachings , (NOT Paul’s or the Church)  and His theology,  elucidated,  as presented in the ACIM literature.   A Non-Dualistic Theology where ONLY God Exists and anything else but an Illusion or dream, and that includes ALL OF THIS world.  FORGIVENESS is the only function here – for by removing the desire to be special and unlocking the dream,  allows Christ’s Vision to see God’s Reality or Creation as it really is.  “I AM”    Check it out.

God Blesses     Christ Blesses       I NEED ONLY FORGIVE AND BLESS