Closest Gnostic Myth to my belief – Valentinians

Sawadee Khrap

valentnianI did  a earlier post on Gnosis as heresy, but here is another YouTube video definitely worth watching,  Gnostics; Valentinians and why orthodox believers feared them by Pat Pryor 

This Sect which was declared heresy by the Catholic Church fathers, I believe had a better understanding of the Myth of  Creation as stated in Genesis 1, except they also tried to make the this world and the body real.  They expressed the “ONE=ness” or Fullness of God as absolute but did not see this world as an ILLUSION or dream – not good nor evil – just an illusion.

From a still Egotistic vantage point they considered themselves the only ones saved because it, or Gnosis, or knowledge of the Divine was ONLY realized through their teachings – definitely excluding the Orthodox view from Christ’s salvation.   Of course the earlier church clergy would have to kick them out and trash their views.  History is always written by the victors.   The EGO always screams the loudest.

In the following posts of this blog I will attempt to point out the similarities and differences,  that I see,  in the Ancient and current Religious Myths that hopefully will point to a fuller understanding of the Creation and our relationship to God.

God Blesses    Christ Blesses   I Bless