Ashwagandha–it seems to be working

Sawadee Khrap

6Continuing my health saga and research.  I tried to take Ginkgo Bilbao, it did amazing well – helped the Glaucoma and circulation in my legs – BUT, I am apparently allergic to it – developed a large skin rash and it was getting worse at each dose.  Damn, works but cannot take it.    Himalaya Ashwagandha from iHerbs to the rescue.  Even my kidney Doctor was surprised and is researching the herb himself.  I have been taking a capsule a day for 3 weeks now and seem to  have better vision and the circulation in my legs is amazing.  All walking pain is gone.  In addition, I have been able to stop taking Olmersartan for HBP and my BP is running about 140/70.  I continue to take Madiplot, 10mg morning and evening, but soon I may be able to stop that with proper food consumption.   I have also noted that my blood test have show that my urine is very acidic.  That indicates that my diet needs to be change to a more neutral one – increasing vegetables and fruits while cutting down on carbs and protein.  This will also help the kidneys function.   So in addition to the diet change, I have also started on taking 2 tbsp. (garlic-apple cider vinegar- honey-lemon) mixture each morning before  I take my meds and during the day drinking a glass of lemon aid each day in the afternoon.   Now I need to get some pH papers to pee on to test alkalinity.  The garlic-apple cider vinegar mixture is also supposed to clear out blocked arteries and reduce BP – we will see but so far it seems to be doing something and my BP is coming down.  Hopefully I can eliminate the Madiplot and that will make me Pharma drugs free – just taking natural foods.   More to come.


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