Food Poisoning

Sawadee Khrap

I am just recovering from a acute food poisoning.  Started Sunday, Day 5 so far, lost about 2-3 Kilo of weight, dehydrated, and very weak – today was actually the first good meal I have had during that time – Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup.  Last night I had a real setback – I forgot that antibiotics and milk products don’t mix – and so I had a bowl of mushroom soup – Boy what a mistake.  All hell broke loose, probably killed all the antibiotics, set me back on recovery – but drinking more water  I did feel better in the morning, extremely hungry, had that chicken soup I spoke about earlier and back on schedule.

I believe that the poisoning came from a sandwich I had over night in the refrigerator.  Ironically that Sunday morning I had just purchased a new refrigerator, because it was letting the contents spoil too fast,  and that evening it hit me.  Simon says I looked like a living dead, no color, barely able to move, shaky – bad shape.   I had some Ciprofloxin in the house so started 1000 mg/day dose   Then I went to the hospital for conformation – they agreed and sent me home with more meds and electrolyte solutions.  So now it just time and watching what I eat.   Life goes on !!!