When in Jomtien–”VENUE” – Don’t Miss it

Sawadee Khrap

















Here is the  ******* SLIDESHOW *******   check it out.

The “Venue” is a real landmark for Jomtien Complex – This was last night (Sunday) and time for the start of a new different show for the coming week. 

First, we were treated to 2 singers – and they were great – headliner Mr.Paul (photo #2) – Classic Italian songs, excellent.  Then the main show – I meet Mr. Ball (last photo) and will be sure to return and get better shots in the future – I am hoping that Khun Ball will get me in the wings to get some shots behind the scenes.


One thought on “When in Jomtien–”VENUE” – Don’t Miss it”

  1. Always enjoy your photos & postings! Sometime, would you please consider blogging on why you moved from CNX & some pro’s & con’s on CNX vs. Pattaya for retirees? Thanks!

    Thanks Fred — Check out my post https://asiancoop.com/2012/amazing-opportunity-freedom/ Here I list some of the reasons for my move to Pattaya – but I will comment on and point out more as I develop my living plans here. Thanks again Frank

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