Isn’t he lovely

Sawadee Khrap






Here are several versions of my masseur’s images.  Isn’t he sexy!

On the last one I used a template from  “PhotoFunia”  – they have some great scenes that you can submit your photos to and have them processed – only problem is that they don’t like nude, xxx or what they term offensive shots ( ???)  – so I have used this one in Photoshop to be able to add what I like.

Also you can check other same sites such as ,   Dumpr , FunPhotoBox , LoonaPix, Photo505 and  MagMyPic


One thought on “Isn’t he lovely”

  1. He sure is lovely.
    What great posters you could produce with these images.
    Any chance?

    Thanks Chris – hadn’t thought of producing posters – maybe a coffee table book later, much later haha Sorry

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