Amazing –> opportunity = Freedom

Sawadee Khrap

Just sitting here watching TV tonight and I realized that I am now in real retirement.  I went to do my 90-day report with Immigration, it was fast and efficient – 15 min and on my way – then I took my ailing monitor in and found out that what I had was a bad cable – problem solved at minimum cost – a little shopping for food and then a trip to the beach to see friends – 2 hr. there, then  3 propositions from young men on the way home from the beach.   Hectic day

I have just been going over my options for tonight

  • a.  Have young man come and give a 2 hr. oil massage – 600B
  • b.  Go to Sunee Plaza and see some shows – 120 B / drink  + tips
  • c.  Go to Walking Street and check out the local action.   ? B
  • d.  Go to Jomtien Complex and catch the Cabaret show “Venue”
  • e.  From Gay Romeo invite a young man over for the evening.
  • f.  Just stay home tonight and enjoy some TV and computer time

I think I have elected to do “F” tonight – there’s always tomorrow.

What a great feeling to know that tomorrow and the days after will afford the same or more options.  Truly a great retirement.  Of course I am looking forward to obtaining a condo that will have kitchen facilities and a little bigger than where I am now so I can set up my photo-flash lighting and get back to making some images and paintings.  Several boys are waiting for that —  (Here in Pattaya – young men 18/up are called “boys” )  But that just increases the options.

Now,  I just hope I get used to the heat   !!!!     It is hotter here than in Chiang Mai.