Take care of my back problem

Sawadee Khrap

Gonn’a start planning my trip back to the States for back surgery.  Try to set it up for late September or early October – gott’a stay within the 5 yr time period of the actual accident injury date.  Ever since I’ve been here my back has been getting worse.  I have tried to use exercise and medication to keep the injury from flaring up, but hasn’t worked.  I didn’t want to believe what I was told by the back Surgeon, the first one I went to for the Workman’s Comp injury.  He told me that, in his judgement, surgery would most probably be needed and it seems that he was right. 

I am going to call him and have him start the process to do what is needed.  He will have to check with Liberty Ins – that is the Ins. company that under-wrote for Ikon Workmans Comp policy, before he can actually start.  But this should be sufficient time to get approval to operate.

Don’t really want to do it – I have heard bad things about back surgery gone wrong – not being able to get it up being the most glaring – bad slice and there she goes.  But I really don’t see any alternative. 


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  1. Hey Frank, finally having time to catch up on blogs. I hate to hear you are having to go to this measure, but then again, medical science and technology is far past the days of “bone doctors”. If one thing I’ve learned lately is have faith and trust. You know where I’m coming from on that one. Best of luck to you and do hope to keep updated on your progress.

    Thanks – will keep you up to date.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your impending operation on your back which seems inevitable.I will pray for your full recovery & that the surgery will not in any way affects you sexually.

    Wow Thanks – I really believe that your prayers are as effective as the surgery itself – thanks again for caring.

  3. I’ve had two low back, spinal surgeries for a work related injury. Yes, they are no fun. The full fusion was especially difficult. I would suggest that you seek out the best orthopedist and neurologist that you find, and that you are certain about the quality of rehab. I was out of work for six months, but got into a fantastic rehab center.
    Good luck.

    Thanks Max — I have been putting it off for exactly the same reasons – but the surgeon was right – it is only getting worse – I hope I won’t need to have full fusion – I may have problems with the Ins. Co – they may not want to pay for the “best” neurologist/orthopedist team out there – but I certainly want to find the best to carve on my back – we’ll see what happens —- Thanks again for your comment and advice.

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