New masseur

Sawadee Khrap

Gonn’a try out a new masseur next Tuesday, he’s coming to the house and charges 300 Baht for a 2 hr. Oil massage.   that’s US $10   Hope he has strong hands and can give a full 2 hr massage without losing power.

My regular masseur “Odd” can but it’s costing me 600 Baht for the same time.  We are trying to cut expenses and this will help.  I really like Odd’s work and we have been doing it for quite a while  – he knows what I like so this new masseur will be judged against that.  But I do need to cut expenses so a change may be necessary.

Maybe I can have Odd once a month and the new guy for the in between weeks.  I am so used to a massage every week that when I miss one I get very stiff until the next one.  Really helps keep the back pain under control too.  Spoiled I guess.  But this is really my only vice.

Well this was just a brief post about todays happenings – Nu is doing GREAT in school – top of his classes – We have gotten him a tutor teacher to help bring up his math skills – Tomorrow will be his first class with her so we will see how that works out – reasonable, she is charging 100 Baht/hr – $3.30.  We will see how much she helps him and if so than may continue – I set it up for 3 hr class so that there is enough time to really go over what he doesn’t understand.  We’ll see.

Haven’t had much picture taking time – I really want a young man to pose for me – I have a bubble bath scene in mind  – should be a great photo session , but he is busy right now so we will have to wait – soon I hope, I know I look forward to it.

Well, some of Nu’s school friends are over and they are fixing dinner so I’ll cut this short and go eat.  I posted their pictures before – nice group.