Flock testing – Ins

Just tested Flock, thought it might be a alternative to BlogJet – but alas not, BlogJet is still the product I will use to post to the blog.

Flock is a browser/blog editor but cannot upload images directly and therefore cannot directly show what they will look like in the post if they are on my computer now – also it will not product thumbnails and allow expansion to full size viewing.  I didn’t go any further in the testing  – I use a lot of images and this would be too cumbersome.  F%#k  Flock for now,  so to say.


But today I did sign up for a new catastrophic health Ins. policy from HealthCare International – their HealthCare Emergency+  $US 622 yr.

  • 100% In-Patient Hospital Treatment
  • 100% Emergency Medial Evacuation
  • Up to 3,000,000 Baht for Organ Transplants
  • 100% Daycare Surgery Treatments
  • Up to 600,000 for Chronic Diseases
  • Up to $US 3,000 – airline ticket to attend parent’s funeral services
  • Coverage in US/Worldwide – 60 day visit–Accident/ Emergency
  • There is a deductible ($2,000 – 60,000 Baht today ) but these figures are coverage above that– and the first are exempt from it.

Of course I just signed up – approval will take 1 week – But the policy will also cover me for life renewals, but no guaranteed lock.

Compared to my old policy that I had to drop – $US 3,500 yr,  $2,000 Ded., but coverage up to 10,000,000 Baht  – I could never use this amount – they would have to almost replace every organ to get a Thailand hospital bill like that. – and on top of it, they dropped the US trip coverage too —