Bangkok Post Bonanza

Sawadee Khrap

Just reading the Bangkok Post today, and a older issue and saw several great articles.

Sexual Double Standards   –   This commentary by Sanitsuda Ekachai is interesting and does show a little about Thai culture.


Cancer Issues – Prostate cancer at a glance







This a great article  – Made me sit back and think, I had to drop my Major Health Hospital Ins policy because of cost so I hope I will not have this as a problem in the future.  Perhaps I will search for a less costly policy to make sure that I do have some coverage at least to help should a problem arise.


Dis-infecting Homophobia  – This is a interesting article about why Medical students need to be encouraged to take a healthier approach toward gender-diverse populations.

And on the same page – “School gets trans-gendered restroom” – but I couldn’t find the link to it – here is part of the article by Ambika Ahuja.

“Kamphaeng School in North-eastern Thailand has just installed a unisex restroom – designated by a human figure split in half – part man in blue and part woman in red.  Below it are the words “Transvestite Toilet” .—————-The article goes on to state that Kamphaeng is not the first school to install such a toilet facility – a 1500– student technical college in the northern province of Chiang Mai set up a “Pink Lotus Bathroom” for its 15 transvestite students in 2003.”

I’ll check with Nu but if I’m not mistaken that Chiang Mai College is nothing less than Srithana College that Nu goes to.  But now-a-days there are many, many more transvestites and ladyboys there.

I’ll try to put in interesting articles I see (at least to me) in the future.