FireFox add-ons

Sawadee Khrap

I have been using Mozilla FireFox for some time now – compared to Microsoft Internet Explorer, it is a sure winner.  Here are several Add-ons I really like:

  • ColorfulTabs – tabs across the top are each in their own color – neat
  • MeasureIt – Draw out a ruler for height & width of any element on screen
  • SwitchProxy – manage several proxy tool
  • VideoDownLoader – Down-loads videos from YouTube, Google, – – – –


  • NoScript – Control over Java, JavaScript, and other plugins –

And NoScript is the best of the bunch – It has really blocked some ugly attempts to reek havoc on my machine – and the latest version is really improved –

If you use FireFox – check them out – really nice.





2 thoughts on “FireFox add-ons”

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  2. I couldn’t agree more, FireFox is a great browser, and as you say, the addon’s are great as well. Hope everything is cool in Chiang Mai!!

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