Life in Fang

Sawadee Khrap

Last weekend Tasanai went to Fang for a Spirit Ceremony project.  Here are some shots from that trip – First the Fang valley and dancing at the City Pillar.

FangValley      Dance-FangPillar





 And some Temple shots in the area.  We are planning on a trip there soon and will plan on visiting each and getting more descriptive shots.  Tasanai had a project to do and so had limited time to really capture the splender of the Fang Province. 

Here are some snaps of the many temples in the surrounding area.

TempleNearFang TonRungTemple






And he caught a peaceful monk sleeping at To Rung Temple.


Fang has many caves – Tab Tao Cave has been used as a temple for over 1000 years – 

TabTaoCave TabTaoCave2

Something catch your eye – let us know and we try to get more detailed shots on our next trip.  We plan on making it a mini-vacation too – staying overnight and enjoying the relaxed country life. 


One thought on “Life in Fang”

  1. hi Taz, nice pics…love the sleeping monk…and frank, happy gay pride day (sf)!

    Hi Tin, thank you for complement, how are you – did you get pictures of the Gay Pride Parade? Talk to you later Taz.

    Hi Tin, Ya – I miss being with the camera in the middle of the action – no such parade here. As Taz says if you got any pictures, please send them.

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