Happy 4th

Sawadee Khrap

Trusting you had a safe and happy 4th.   Tasanai and I went down to the US Consultant Office in Chiang Mai this afternoon to go to the 4th Celebration there.  Apparently I did not register Tasanai (non-US) soon enough so we were, or I should day Tasanai was, refused entry at the door.  Now ain’t that some shit.  So we both left.

Sorry I don’t have any shots of the fireworks but I was somewhat pissed and didn’t feel like celebrating.  Actually fuck-um.  The gal in charge of the Consultant has made the party shorter this year than before – down to 4 hours, 4PM to 8PM and at 8 the fireworks – as I write now – much smaller. I’d say no more than a 2 min show – WoW, Is that the best the Americans can show to celebrate their Country’s Birthday. She has really cut back on the doings – so much so that several of the US restaurant owners who brought their food to sell last year said the hell with it – too short to make it worth while.  It appears to this observer that she is trying to discourage the event – maybe too much of a possibility for criticism while she is in charge.  Only she knows – seems strange to me that the Embassy doesn’t really have a real blow-out for us.

Anyway – hope you had a good one, I do miss the firework displays – last one I went to was in San Jose, and it was great.  Love to see some pictures that you have taken – email them to me and I will put them in the Blog.



This flag image was a animated GIf – but apparently it doesn’t work here. – same as the celebration. Figures !!!