Sawadee Khrap

What is my function here ?   First, lets figure out where and what,  I or we ARE

In Heaven , where ALL is ONE, God’s Son, “Christ”,  is dreaming a nightmare about being separated from God and I, or we, are the characters in that dream or ILLUSIONAL world.   The Holy Spirit,  as Jesus – ‘The Light of the World’,  came to show us the path or way out.    “Christ” is the only one who can change the dream as He is the ONLY dreamer.  

“Do I wish to see my brother sinless?”.

Forgiveness is the recognition that what was imagined and judged,  in dreams,  did  not occur in God’s REALITY.  However,  as Jesus said He has given US, the characters, the power to bind or loosen these judgements as OUR reality.

“I am not a body.   I am free.    I am still as God Created me.”

Therefore,  OUR ONLY FUNCTION is to bring to OUR awareness – ALL  past and future judgements WE have or will make and judge them through CHRIST’S VISION  or the “Holy Spirit”,  NOT through our will or EGO.    Doing so will allow Christ to change this dream to one of INCLUSION or LOVE,  from one of separation, sin and death.  

It is Christ’s function to forgive – it is our function to be WILLING to RELINQUISH or LET GO of OUR judgements that bind this world.  “Do we wish to see our brother SINLESS”

Look,  Listen and Do Not Judge.

So simple to say but so difficult to do in a world of judgements.  Thank God we are not alone.

God ONLY Blesses    Christ ONLY Blesses

I NEED ONLY bless.