Sexuality–Straight, -???-, Gay

Sawadee Khrap

What about Sexuality?  As I see it, it’s relativity easy to explain.

  • 1.)     God CREATED humans in His own IMAGE and LIKENESS – male and female He CREATED them.  One in ALL
  • 2.)    Humans at this time would be SPIRITS and CREATE like God, not pro-create, as the dictionary states “procreate by copulation” , which would require they be unique and separate.
  • 3.)    The Son of God desired or thought of being   SPECIAL – set apart – EGO-centric.
  • 4.)    This ILLUSION or DREAM of “being set apart” requires that all things be UNIQUE.
  • 5.)    To be unique demands everything be FINITE or SEPARATED,  introducing BODIES.
  • 6.)    What God created ONE, these bodies were separated into UNIQUE MALES and FEMALES. Each body retaining aspects of their other half of the whole.  They cannot “create” now  but need to PRO-CREATE
  • 7.)     The act of pro-creation introduces levels of male/female attributes.   Such levels are seen in the different sexual divisions. and since it’s all a dream, it’s  determined only by the imagination of the dreamer.    Neither  of the bodies have any control over the outcome.

No wonder there’s a confusion of levels.   In God’s REALITY there is none, Creation goes on uninterrupted and perpetually,  but in this EGO-centric nightmare any  thing goes and DOES.

The only question should be:   Do I accept this insanity or realize

 â€œI am not a body.

    I am free

    I am as God created me”.

God Blesses     Christ Blesses       I Bless