“Messiah” on Netflix

Sawadee Khrap

Been watching Netflix’s  “Messiah”.   4 episodes so far and it’s great and keeps you at the edge of your seat.  But one glaring point has to be considered.  Is Jesus -the man, or , The Christ – The Spirit prophesied to return and usher in the new era. 

TV has to use bodies, so the lead is characterized and looks like what is considered the historic Jesus.  But why would He come back in flesh, when He stated “His Kingdom was NOT of this world”?

Jesus said His kingdom is in the heavenly world – Spirit – thought, beyond the material – where all is One.  It’s going to be interesting to see how they develop the message presented. 

They tell you that it’s about a charismatic man who sparks a spiritual movement and political unrest.   A fictional story – or is it?     Who will we follow – the man or the Spirit?   Is the truth revealed EVEN in this series?

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  1. I believe Jesus was born in Human form as a Baby to a human woman woman of questionable life. He became a Teacher in early years often teaching priests, gathering many followers & in later years preformed miracles. He was later put to death, dying on a cross for the sins of all people, past, present & future. He arose back in Human form & his minestry continued until He ascended into Heaven with the promise He would return & all who believe in Him would be taken with Him into Heaven for an Eternal Life. Those not believing in Him would be left behind to a life of internal hell & damnation. He also lives in my heart & soul, bring Peace, Love & a renewed Life. He is my Savior, my Lord & Companion which giving me a new lease on life. Amen.. imho.

      1. My take on this world is that: The material world IS HELL.

          Eat or be eaten
          Life always ending in death
          Attack, defend and attack again
          Love given but to later be taken away
          Existing in separate & special bodies
          Constantly changing – nothing everlasting
          Being SEPARATED from God (Spirit) – NOT ONE in ETERNITY

        So my belief is that Jesus was the ‘material’ human form which “The Christ – God’s Son” was fully manifested, and came to show us that He would fulfill the the ILLUSION – “DREAM of SEPARATION/SIN”. The dream that required “redemption from sin” as written in the Bible (Torah’s – The Law of Moses). He came to ‘FULFILL’ NOT endorse the law, to ‘REDEEM’ NOT to condemn (Sin) And to teach us that what was written in Genesis 1 is the TRUTH and we are STILL, and always have been, as God CREATED us “ONE” in His Image, Likeness and Glory – in Spirit.

        Giving us directions to show us how to perceive a happy dream so close to heaven here on earth, that God Himself can lift us across the bridge from projection to knowledge without fear.

        Different from historical Christianity in that it invokes direct communication with God/Christ and is NOT dependent on a church, clergyman or any religious doctrine.

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