Getting my head around UNITY

Sawadee Khrap

UNITY of GOD – what does this mean?   God is ONE, the Sonship is ONE.  I AM

I think the hardest part of trying to understand this concept is to realize that I am ‘a character in the illusion of this world’.   My perspective is a limited, special, separate character, Frank, in a chaotic illusionary world – A DREAM where I believe I am a real living  CHARACTER – the center of the dream.    If this is so, then I should carefully consider  ‘THE DREAMER’S part.

First, Who is the Dreamer?  The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.   It’s certainly not me.  It’s the part of the ‘Son of God’ that ‘THINKS’ or dreams he is separate from God.  And as the character in His dream I need not bind the dream as reality – merely play the part given me, judging NOT, but allowing love to shine through.

“Today I let Christ’s vision look upon All things for me and judge them not, but give Each one a miracle of love instead.  So would I liberate all things I see, and give to them the freedom that I seek. For thus do I obey the law of love, and give what I would find and make my own. It will be given me, because I have chosen it as the gift I want to give. Father, Your gifts are mine. Each one that I accept gives me a miracle to give. And giving as I would receive, I learn Your healing miracles belong to me.  Our Father knows our needs. He gives us grace to meet them all. And so we trust in Him to send us miracles to bless the world, and heal our minds as we return to Him.”  (ACIM Lesson 349)

God Bless   Ciao