Controversy–Messiah Season Series

Sawadee Khrap

I understand that there is a lot of controversy over the season.  First question,  is the lead character –  Jesus or the Antichrist?  Season 2 should begin to answer that question.

The scene I have been talking to  my friend, Simon,  about is the scene that shows a child, I assume with her dad (with a shotgun), and apparently her dog who is  being crushed under the debris from a destroyed building,  after a tornado..  There was no other information provided and the little girl was crying and wanted someone to save her dog.

Then the lead character (they are portraying like Jesus) enters and takes the gun and shoots the dog – The child asks “Why didn’t you save him? and he replied that he did and stopped his suffering.

Wow, what do you think would be the best response to this story.

I am reminded when in an alcoholic fog I prayed Jesus to heal me.  Let go and Let God (or Higher Power).   I believe He did and my mind was healed in that I no longer craved alcohol – BUT, I am still an alcoholic with a allergy to alcohol, only the pain, suffering and craving was healed or taken away.  My mind was healed NOT my body –  my allergy was not taken away and I have proven that to myself several times later by trying to have a drink.

I am also reminded about a lady I met, 1990 or so,  when I went to a ACIM gay help group for terminal AIDS patients in San Francisco.  She told them she was given 3 weeks to live, from terminal cancer, and how blessed she was,  that she could relate to them and share with them her experience, strength, and hope.  She was there to tell them they were not alone and God loved them as He loved her.   She did die several weeks later.  Her mind was healed, NOT her body, she was at peace and could use her body and situation as a teaching device and not as an anchor dragging her down.  She was a wonderful profound teacher for me.

My friend, Simon, also told me about his experience meeting a man with one arm.  I hope he comments and tells us the full story.

As to the dog – there is not enough information that I could make a valid judgment.  Was the dog dying prior from another problem, cancer, tumor, old age, organ damage , etc., before the storm.  Would saving him from the current situation involve just releasing him from the trap?  Should healing go so far as to restore him to a ‘young’  healthy dog?  I cannot make a valid choice from my present perspective – I Don’t have ALL the facts and never really do.   Or is the LOVING response just to release him from his present suffering?

Do NOT try to change the world – BUT change your MIND about the world !!!!   Look, Listen, and Do not judge – ASK for guidance.

Please share your comments – we learn by sharing OUR EXPERIENCES, STRENGHTS, and HOPES….

God Bless     Ciao.