Great Battle Of Yuthahathi

Sawadee Khrap

If you ever go to Bangkok, be sure and visit “The Ancient City ” in Mueang Boran.  One of the monuments there is a statue of the battle when  King Naresuan liberated Siam from Burmese rule – The Great battle with Phra Maha Uparaja, the Burmese Prince and son of King Nantabureng at Nong Sarai, Suphan Buri Province and declared Siam  independence in May 1584 A.D.   This is my vision for the final blow in a 20 by 30 inch digital painting – What do you think? – Did I do it justice? ThaiBattle-web Does it bring you there?


3 thoughts on “Great Battle Of Yuthahathi”

  1. I think you have missed a wonderful opportunity to really bring this painting to life. You have coloured the background. Given the wonderful panoply in which both the elephants and the combatants would have been dressed, they deserve the same a serious and detailed colour treatment, more so than the background.

    1. This is a copy of a email I got from Yraen after his comment – I am going to check his references and see if I can change the colors in the painting to be more exact. Thanks Yraen

      Good morning Frank. Looking good with the painting.
      The clothing on the statue would be quite close to reality fairly plain colours. The King/Prince would perhaps have some gold on the head ort around the neck.
      These royal grey elephants would almost certainly be adorned with cloth-of-gold trimmed with red. See links below for so/me ideas.

      The Royal White Elephants would probably NOT have been risked in battle.
      I agree with you. This is a statue. It needs to look like that. Imagine how it would look if it was decorated by Thai for a special memorial occasion, but not a “public holiday”.

      The clothing depicted on the statue would be close, esp at that time where bare chests and a breech clout was accepted day clothing.
      Best wishes,
      Ian เอียน

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