Colored version of Battle painting

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks Yraen for your comments on the Battle Painting.  Here is a colorized version of the painting, thank God for Photoshop so I could easily add some color to see what it would look like   – It does add some to the overall image but tends to lessen the statue effect.  What do you think ? – comments welcome.ThaiBattle-colored-web

Which one do you like best?  Does it help the painting ?


4 thoughts on “Colored version of Battle painting”

  1. Sorry, I forgot.
    Did you intend the “spirits” in the dust and clouds that form the background? That is so very Thai.

    1. Thanks Yraen, but i can’t take credit for including any “spirits” in the background – just wanted a fiery scene, and for that matter, I am not sure exactly what you are referring to.

  2. Hello Frank.

    You done a great job, just enough colour to to make the statue come alive. Yet one can still see that it is the statue. I like it a lot.

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