Thanks for the Birthday wishes

Sawadee Khrap

Well just turned 74 – still got a few years before I have another party at Adams Apple Club with the boys – a whole new line-up – should be fun.   Had lunch with Mark and Pooh (that’s Mark in the second image)   at imadgdgeCabbages and Condoms – excellent – but then got a imahdgfhgeterrible upset stomach – I think from the peanut butter sandwich I had earlier – so that dampened my evening but didn’t stop me from  going to go to the “ ?Mark”  bar and the “Birthday Party” there – not mine but a big crowd and seem like they were all there for my birthday – loud Thai music, free food, lots of boys – met Don, Ted, and Mark (from Florida – so many marks here) there – good time anyway.  Thanks to all for the good birthday wishes.


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