Back to Bang Sare – now Bang Saray

Sawadee Khrap

Took another trip with Don to Bang Sare – First we passed Bang Saray Walking street and the beach area  – different spelling even from the signs on the Hwy getting there – who knows the correct spelling  – only in Thai is it right –English translations are anything that sounds close  – that’s Thailand.     Great looking beach though – don’t miss it if your in the area.


Then to the pier to see if the Cambodian fisher boys were out in style – Alas, just a few, mostly fixing their nets for this evenings run. But we did get to see some jelly-fish in the water, had a drink at the local pier restaurant and generally took in the sights.    Nice day


It’s always a great trip – the area is full of color, interesting things to see, many times, great eye candy – if you know what I mean, – excellent for photography and very friendly locals.


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