Rural Thailand painting–Lampang

Sawadee Khrap

I told you I am in love with my new Art pen   –   With all the time on my hands lately I’ve completed several boy images, a portrait for my Landlord, Goody’s, and this one – my favorite scene from a photo taken in Lampang.   All are done at 16×20 in , only the Landlord one has been painted on canvas and frame mounted.  That cost him 2,100 Baht – IMG_0909 -WOW-painting-origvery reasonable – I’ll show a photo of it later.   This ones typical of rural living in Thailand and the beauty in the land, although I prefer being in the city – really nothing to do in the country but relax – and paint I suppose – HA HA  I would miss the shopping centers.   Houses are all raised for natural air-conditioning, and most of the land, if not forested, is set for farming.  These are rice fields with banana groves.  In the far middle right is a typical temple – you can see these dotted all over the landscape.


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