Goody’s–when it rains it pours

Sawadee Khrap

Painting Goody finalI just went to show the owners, Chris and his lady, at my favorite local restaurant in bldg B  the 16×20 in. painting I made for them and have my regular lunch.   Gift too late !!!

Bad news all around – they have just been informed by the View Talay Management that he will have to remove his gas burners and replace them with electric,  it’s against the Insurance code.   Chris has been preparing my lunch, and dinner for that matter, ever since I developed my condition – special cooking, salt and sugar free, olive oil, no MSG – stir fried fresh daily vegetables and rice with grilled fish for dinner at a price extremely affordable.  Sounds like he will have to move as he does not want to cook with electric – different flavor and not as good.  He has a week or so but it sounds like unchangeable – I can only hope they find a place close by -  within walking distance would be nice.  Sorry you didn’t have a chance to taste his food – only comparable restaurant around is Cabbages and Condoms and that’s too far for walking.

I wish them all the best luck and I am really going to miss them.  I’ll post their new location as soon as I know.


One thought on “Goody’s–when it rains it pours”

  1. WOW!!! Sorry to hear about the restaurant. Like you said, ‘do hope they find a place near by’. Think they will..

    Just had dinner and he said he ws going to wait until they inspect and then worry about it then – if everything else in Thailand return visits and enforcements are rare. — hope that’s the case hate to lose him.

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