GoPro Hero3+ — great new portable video camera

Sawadee Khrap

When Pat (from Ireland) was visiting Pattaya last time he purchased a GoPro Hero3+ camera.  And ever since then I have see them being advertised as the greatest mobile camera out there.GoPro 

Click on the image to see the movie

I haven’t tried one yet but plan to in the future – Pat just sent me this link to a video of the “Family Crest”  a San Francisco based Group using the GoPro’s Hero3+  –    so if your interested in making some unique movies or want a mobile camera for your car or motorcycle – check them out.  I think you can pick one up for about 15,000 Baht or $500 at Tukcom here in Pattaya.  I’m looking forward to getting some videos made by Pat with his new camera and I promise to post them – or yours if you send them to me.

Thanks Pat.


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