New Photoshop images

Sawadee Khrap

Several years ago, Brian, a friend in Chiang Mai, took this great image of a couple – “ladyboy and  friend”.  I thought I’d try my hand in watercolors and this is the result.IMG_3918-Edit   Provocative don’t you think?  I think I’ll try this technique on several more images and post them as time goes by.    Thanks Brian –

And here’s a basket-weave technique I also thought was interesting.  Cute boy too.


Incorporating this technique and warping it around a basket in a scene would make a very unique image,  Maybe I could create something like those Greek vases with the boys having fun pictured on them – I should try that and see what happens.   What do you think?


One thought on “New Photoshop images”

  1. Contrats. Do like the ‘basket weave most of all. Very interesting. Water color, not really my thing, but nice to look at…

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