C….Boys LIVE Sunee Plaza

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_3457Went down to visit and grab some photos of Dave’s new C…Boys LIVE Bar in Sunee Plaza.   In addition to our friend “Nut”, standing right in white shirt with logo – there are other cute boys to greet you at the door.  Mod, F, Aon, You and Pom, get to work about 8:30 each evening  – Stop by, have a drink and say hello._MG_3453


Of course the place is really bright for the photos, but usually it’s much darker and more relaxing.  After this, I sauntered through Sunee to see what was happening – it was 8:30 and nothing started yet – just setting up, but the lights were on and the customers and boys were just starting to arrive.




You can see from the first photo – the old “Tom Yum”  has changed it’s name to “Cocktail Boys Club”,

I’ll have to stay up later and go down and get some shots when it’s busy.   But that’s way past my bedtime – Devil


2 thoughts on “C….Boys LIVE Sunee Plaza”

  1. Taking pictures in Cocktail boys (or any other gogo bar)? That’s not allowed (so is smoking or prostitution), but I as a customer would not want to have my picture taken by a stranger in a gogo bar.

    Your right there – Photos are NOT allowed in any of the Go-Go establishments – none of the boys, and for sure none of the customers, want their photos taken in the clubs. Most of the boys have told their families that they work in hotels, restaurants or are students and will not even be seen outside the clubs. The ones you see outside as greeters are not that concerned. but I still try to keep it darkened when I take photos of the street area. Usually, just the lighting from the neon will give a great photo and convey the atmosphere.

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