Perspective – Set it straight – Carspace

Sawadee Khrap

I have been studying a terrific free course in drawing in perspective by Matt Kohr from CTRL+Paint – this is so crucial in paintings, drawings and Capture2creating realistic photomontages in Photoshop. And his web-page lead me to Warren’s program. What a life saver – now with Matt’s study principals and Carspace , all I have to do is to get proficient with it and use it on every image I produce – correct perspective – next I have to study shadows, the second most important aspect to making believable and realistic scenes.

So every once in a while I find a software that is a killer.   I hope I have some readers who are artists and are interested in how to calculate perspective for their drawings or how to create a perspective grid for an existing photograph.   To the rescue -  Warren Marshall  from Epic Games  released  CARSPACE perspective software (freeware)Capture



Hope you find these tutorials and software helpful.