Bang Saen Beach and Monkey Mountain

Sawadee Khrap

Just took a short trip about 40 KM North from Pattaya to Bang Saen _MG_3218Beach area to visit my friend, Don, in his new digs.   Great beach, clean, little or no farangs there, and so the locals are very friendly.  This family style beach is normally used by the folks from Bangkok, rather than going down to the Pattaya (sex) area, and by the students from the local schools and University.

***** SLIDESHOW *****


As you can see in the slideshow there are some great walking only areas and tandem bicycle  rental places there.  Food everywhere and the vendors area is not in your face.  Ample chairs and huge long beach to wander about.

Looks like a wonderful beach to go to and relax —

From here we went to visit the “Monkey Mountain”  actually Khaoi Sam Muk and San Chao Mae Temple._MG_3259  Drove past these kids and got a wonderful “Hello” – ha ha._MG_3288

Most Thai’s know the background story of this mountain and the story of the lovers who jumped off the cliff after having vowed _MG_3342_MG_3311eternal love for each other. – now taken over by a large number of wild monkeys.

Nice view and plenty of monkeys to feed and photograph – the Monkey Temple around the corner is also a great photographic adventure – lots of detail in all the statues.

***** SLIDESHOW *****

The slideshows tell it all – next time I will get more in depth images – hopefully of some of the college boys who hang out there and the local shopping mall not too far away.     Great living area Don


One thought on “Bang Saen Beach and Monkey Mountain”

  1. As attractions there is the Buddhist Hell Garden (Wang Saen Suk) in Bang Saen 2nd road Soi 19 and a Chinese Temple in Ang Sila (visible from the Samuk mountain) about 5 km from Bang Saen Beach.

    If you find any places where gay boys hang out, please let us know. I have been in Bang Saen twice (once with a friend as a daytrip, once over night alone). According to my calculations, the beach has seatings for about 20,000 people.

    Thanks christian I plan to go back to visit and get more images, we did visit the Chinese Temple but I didn’t go inside and so I only took a few shots and left them out of this post – but as far as the boys go – that will be my major effort to photograph on the next trip – Bang Saen is so close I should be going there more regularly. Thanks again for the comment.

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