World Junior Wrestling Championships

Sawadee Khrap

20120907_164326_0035__MG_5284Pattaya is hosting the “World Junior Wrestling Championships 2012” this week and I and friends went to see the action yesterday and today.  We were told that over 52 countries are represented by more than 600 athletes.  Running from Sept 4th to 9th at the Jontiem Indoor Stadium and then to awards at the Ambassador Hotel City Hotel.  First the girls (4th to 6th) and now the boys (8 – 9).  

It was one match right after the other and the stage had 4 mat areas going at the same time -  2 categories (Greco-Roman and free style) ages 17-20 and each having their weight classes –  each class had only one day for completion – it was win or bust – can you imagine the stress to win on these athletes.  Many left the mat crying at their defeat.  I really feel sorry for the ones who lost – 3, 2 minute matches could mean success or failure for years of training.   Sorry we went to see the boys so missed the girls events.

20120908_180948_0040__MG_5899-Edit I prepared a    *****  SLIDESHOW *****  with 285 images out of


the over 1400 shots I took.  It was really difficult getting good shots as these guys were really fast and the lighting was not that good for telephoto shooting from the grandstands – thank God for the D7

The other point that was amazing is that there was no hassling or problems the whole time we were there and antagonists such as the  US, Israel, Iran, Russia, China were all there – great competitors.  Security was in the background and not in your face – entrance was free – attendance mild.  I was amazed the there was little or NO fanfare for the winners or consoling for the losers.- maybe that’s for 10th and 11th – but seemed cold to me.  They worked so hard.

I just took photos today and we did not wait to see all the awards given – I also didn’t sort or label them – too much going on , I just keep shooting – sorry.


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  1. Happy to help promote your blog – you’re doing great work – keep it up. Not just here (where you record the events) but mainly in your amazing photo work and photoshop skills.

    Good luck


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