Frame I liked–especially the lines

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s an adaptation of a design I saw on the web – They had a lot of pencil sketches of girls, so naturally I abandoned them and changed the drawings to better suit this composition. I think the main aspect I liked was the lines they framed the image with – then to round it off I thought this image of Ink would fit in perfectly.   What do you think?

Drawing Nude FrameCiao

3 thoughts on “Frame I liked–especially the lines”

  1. Very nice. Great poster subject.

    Thanks Chris – appreciate the comment, guess I really expected too much from the blogging community, they rarely make comments unless it’s the soap-box guys and I don’t want their posts here anyway. But the people I know and like are letting me know they are out there so my posting makes sense —Thanks again all of you

  2. Frank, this would make a cute note pad of paper. I like the way this effect turned out.

    Thanks Mark, I loved the design too but did not think of a notepad theme – perhaps

  3. Hi Frank
    The design is very good I like the line sketches, keet up this type of work, I just love it Pat

    Thanks Pat –

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