Everybody wants us – you’ll come

Sawadee Khrap

Wow gays are really coming up the social list and being invited to all venues.  This is the latest posting in the CNSNEWS.com web site.


But note the last paragraph”

“That’s what we’re charged with at the convention and visitors bureau; to drive people to this area,” Bagnell said.

“We’re a welcoming destination,” Bagnell said. “We are welcoming to all.”

“Our goal is to promote the Richmond region as a welcoming destination, whether you’re coming for a family with your kids from the Washington, D.C., area or whether you’re bringing your family reunion, or whether you have a religious conference,” Carnam said. “We’re one of the top destinations for religious organizations who come here and use our convention center.”

I wonder what the Religious Groups think about this combination.