fang lagoon home stay – revisited

Sawadee Khrap

WOW EXCELLENT, (especially the food) – That sums up my stay at Fang Lagoon -  Khun May, Kla, Aew, and Emy  were wonderful. _MG_3057







I opted for the overnighter package – 3,500 Baht ($100) which included 2 massages, full time escort, four meals (check in lunch, evening dinner, breakfast, check out lunch) and private hut for sleeping.

These guys were great – I was pampered, pampered and PAMPERED.   After the each massage, I was given an outdoor Roman Style bath to remove the oil – lovely – I got a quick shot of them after they finished my shower – what a way to end a massage.

_MG_3116_MG_3069 _MG_3094







But then there is my favorite – FOOD – I have never tasted Thai food as good as what was served here – for example – dinner included:












Tom Ka Kai soup – a blend of galangal, lemongrass, ginger, chicken, banana hearts and other spices in a coconut broth. – Amazing – every item was harvested that afternoon to make the dish – fresh, fresh, fresh – and so tasteful – All the herbs melted in your mouth and everything was editable – everything – even the galangal – which has always been like wood and un-editable – it has a wonderful taste.  Khun Emy is a excellent cook – Wow again – I will be back.

As I said almost all items are grown on the farm – coffee, fruits, herbs, and they also produce their own coconut oil for the massage.









Here the the oil is separating from the milk.

You have to make reservations and try at least a overnighter –


And the country side is so relaxing – farming country – quite evenings – wake to the distant crow of a rooster. Only to be pampered again by your devoted escort. – Just imagine a 3 day stay – tour of the area and local National Park – check out the pricing – you’ll love it.



5 thoughts on “fang lagoon home stay – revisited”

  1. I just read your comments about homestay. But they were more than 2 years old. Does it still exist? Doyou have a website? Do the boy escort service you sexually?

    I haven’t talked to Homestay in quite a while – not sure if they are still there or not – They used to have a facebook page – you can check that – as far as “servicing” – all I knew about was the escorting, however I assume that if you and the escort hit it off, what you do is private.

  2. Thanks to the information on your blog, I decided to go and pay a visit to May’s homestay. I was not disappointed. The atmosphere was wonderful, food delicious, massages great, sightseeing fascinating. In a word, AWESOME. I will be back for another visit shortly.

    Thanks Zach, really glad you enjoyed your stay. May and the young men are terrific not to mention Emmie’s great cooking. Thanks for the comment, really appreciate them, helps me keep going with the blog.

  3. It’s very interesting and I will go there next week, thanks for your information.

    Thanks for the interest and comment, Hope you enjoy it, my friend was just there for a overnight stay and loved it. Please comment again after you stay there – we would love to know what you think about the place.

  4. where is it exactly?

    Hi reaper It’s located about 12 Km South of Fang, Please call Khun May (number on their website) and set an appointment – he will meet you at the PT Gas station on the Highway and escort you there – hard to find by map. enjoy

  5. This looks like a great place to have some “country” time. I’m glad I ran across your blog and will explore it more soon. Best wishes from bao-bao.

    Thnaks Bao-Bao – Ya, I really liked it – hope you do too. Please let them know you saw it in my blog – Thanks again

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