The Opening Show-one Seven Club

Sawadee Khrap

Pad and Bird sent me some shots of the Opening Show on the 17th – I thought you would like to see some of the boys – I think these are the dancers and Lanna fashion show – not sure if they will be there when you visit – but I am sure there will be some great looking young men when you do – I plan on visiting next week sometime and will let you know what I find – anyway here they are:








IMG_0530r IMG_0538r







IMG_0606r IMG_0609r IMG_0613r IMG_0616r






IMG_0619r IMG_0621r IMG_0623r IMG_0625 IMG_0629r






IMG_0632r IMG_0636r IMG_0643r IMG_0645r IMG_0709r





Well that was just the show – imagine what will be there during normal business hours and I am told special student pricing – WOW

See you there: !!!


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    Thanks – I’ll check it out.

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