when it rains it pours

Sawadee Khrap

This week started out with little or no rain in the actual forecast for Chiang Mai –

but my water bills were climbing each month, and I wasn’t watering the lawn or using a lot of water – checked out the system and found the underground pipe from the water main was leaking and getting worse each day – called the contractor – and great  – he installed a bypass and stopped the problem – cost 600 Baht  $20 —

Such a savings  – I decided that it was time to install a A/C unit in the photo studio – too damn hot this summer to take any shots – I’m sweating, the models sweat – not good.  Found a used unit for 5000 Baht and had it installed – working fine so I can start inviting models to the studio now – lets see what happens.

Went upstairs to the computer and find the little monitor has stopped working – just spent the money for the A/C – NOW I have to get a new monitor – Damn – could have waited on the A/C – cannot wait on the monitor – there goes my extra spending money.

Gon’a be a tight month – but I should be able to start shooting again and have more photos to post – hope so.

Pea-Monk3So this is Saturday – tomorrow July 4th celebration, going to party and if I’m lucky will have some images to show you – rain expected – weather cooler – wallet lighter – future hopeful.

Ohhh Ya  I did go see Pea – I’ll write the whole story in a future post:  Orange and Green  very striking – that’s new rice shoots