Nooky’s Guest House and Fang trip

Sawadee Khrap

IMG_3121Nu and I just had to get away for a while so we decided on a short trip North to Fang.   We wanted to go Thursday but the traffic was really bad and a lot of people celebrating New Years on the road might have been dangerous – so we waited till Friday and off we went. 

First stop – Nooky’s Guest house – see my other post – just 15Km before Fang on Hwy. 1249.  He came out to the Hwy to meet us and show us the way.  Wow – nice little guest house – quiet rustic but very very clean.  Here are some shots I took – I really loved the Jasmine tea  – really fresh  – I mean he just picked it and made the tea – great taste and such a clean taste.  First time I’ve seen wild Jasmine so we brought back a sprig so we can raise some too. 

If you plan to be in the area be sure to give Nooky a call and stay for a night – he will show you the local area and the small Chinese community just down the road. – next time we go up we are going to take the tour too.  Great pictures I am told.

His rates are excellent – 250 Baht each person per day – approx. US$ 8 , includes breakfast & coffee/tea and you can also rent a motorbike to see the local sites at 150 Baht a day. Can’t beat these rates.















Nu has planted the sprig and we will see how it grows – this will be the start of our herb garden to give us fresh herbs for cooking.

Traffic was mild and made for a very pleasant trip so far.

Next we headed to Doi Angkhang