Doi Angkhang – Fang

Sawadee Khrap







What to do in Fang – well first I suppose is to visit Doi Angkhang (1936 elevation, comparison Doi Inthanon-2590, Doi Suthep,1685)  Not the tallest but a great place to see some great views.  We didn’t have any traffic until we started up the mountain – no traffic going up but a constant stream of the people leaving the campsites. Car after car – down they came – and yet when we got to the top camping area it was still crowded – with a heavily armed soldier on duty –

First question I had is why the automatic weapon – but then I checked the map and saw we were right on the Burmese border. 







IMG_3134Everyone had their jackets on – naturally I have just a light shirt – stupid farang – it was cold, I think about 10–11 C with a slight wind so it did feel cold even to me.  Just like the States – tent next to tent – no privacy – I have never figured out why people will go and camp this way.

I had just had new brakes installed before we left – and I am really glad I did – when we drove up it didn’t appeared that steep and certainly nothing like what we saw when we started back down.  Wow – all along the road were cars stopping to let their brakes cool down – before we thought they were just camping  – not cooling their brakes – we came down almost all the way in low gear and our brakes were almost gone too. – now that was scary.  But the view was worth it.

Back from the mountain we stopped at the local Tesco/Lotus store for lunch – I am amazed, we were there for over an hour and I only saw 3 farangs – and the place was really crowded.  Fang would be a lonely place for a farang to live – few to talk to. 

Well, back to Chiang Mai – a farang’s heaven.