Vista has arrived – at least to

Sawadee Khrap

I have tried to stay away from Vista – until now.  I just loaded the Adobe Production Suite and find I needed more memory, so I increased it to 7G and low and behold I find that XP can only address up to 3G.  Bummer!!!!

So now I have Vista loaded and back in business.  I also didn’t like Adobe Premier and stuck with Sony Vegas to make my DVD’s.  But now that I have a good version of Premier (CS4) to test – I find that I am liking it better than Vegas and I think it’s making better videos – clearer, brighter, etc.   Wouldn’t you know.

So today was the first day I am back on line again – still have some computer issues but running and I am reluctant to shut it down again.  So we will see how long it runs this time




One thought on “Vista has arrived – at least to”

  1. Really hate to hear you have had to resort to Vista, I liked it at first but really wish I had bought XP when I bought my new machine, but lesson learned. Great to know you are back up and running, will try and catch you online soon and catch up on stuff. Going great here, still loving Bali like we knew we would.

    Hi Mike – I need to have the capability of higher RAM loading – running Photoshop, Premier, Encore and Lightroom all at the same time requires a lot of memory – even with 5G I have to unload some programs to do large panoramic from RAW files – they really suck up the memory — I’ll see if I like it – if not I have a image backup of the old XP C Drive that I can ghost and be back up with the old system in a short time. – but a lot of the programs I use now – for graphics – need higher RAM capabilities – so what the hell — here I am.

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