Thailand on ‘most dangerous’ list for travellers

Sawadee Khrap

News Headlines :  Bangkok Post Friday Nov 28th.

What the hell – not much to say – Chiang Mai is still a great place to be and live.  I hope the mess is over soon.

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One thought on “Thailand on ‘most dangerous’ list for travellers”

  1. Frank, We’re keeping our fingers crossed for some resolution. Perhaps they’ll stretch it out until after the up and coming festivities… if they do indeed have them.

    Getting ready for the big switch over any day now as I’m changing my ISP (as mentioned on blog). Then I’ll get a faster wireless speed. But it will mean changing my e-mail address anytime now.


    Please keep me up to date about your new email-address – I will also answer your latest email soon now that I am running again.

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