Nu’s New School

IMG_0931Nu is already to go to school now – Srithana Commercial Technical College Chiang Mai.  Right down the street about 2 blocks so it’s easy to walk to.  Loves his new uniform, they have to dress as a professional from day one.  He is taking a Computer Business Accounting curriculum.  It’s not going to be easy for him – his earlier schooling from the small fishing area where he grew up really didn’t prepare him for this.  Looks like I will have to take on some of the housework when he starts.  I’m sure his homework requirements will be quite large, at least catching up with what should have been taught to him in Chumphon.  We have began home classes in math, physics and more English along with his learning the computer we have.  He is also learning the video, photo and audio programs we use.  Quite a load.  He is just finishing up the last of the YMCA classes in English, still #1 in his class.

School at Srithana begins June 1  – Here are a couple more shots of the school.   He changed to this school because it did allow more freedom (ladyboy acceptance) than the school in Mae Taeng.  And he will need to be happy to do his best – Srithana has at least 25% of the male students are ladyboys – he should fit right in.

IMG_0936IMG_0937 mod