Revisit Weing Haeng with Brian & Pong

Sawadee Khrap

On Saturday the 24th, we took a day trip to visit Weing Haeng, Lak Taeng, and the refugee camp with Brian & Pong.   I started to try and develop my skill at taking panoramic composite landscape shots.  What a great place to start.  Here are some examples:


























  And a pano shot of the Burmese Temple at Wat Fa Wiang Inn at Lak Taeng –  Wat Pa Rama Shea.







First – here’s the    SLIDESHOW   mixed images of the day with shots of the murals in the Burmese temple .

IMG_1256And finally a picture of the local Piang Luang village style

DISCO club. You can imagine what the dance floor is like.

If you look closely you will see the DJ in the window.