Crisis not over

Sawadee Khrap

Well the air-quality crisis is not over yet – still no rain in site – rained a little in Lampang last night – probably our seeding, just 60 miles South-West but not in the Chiang Mai valley.  Still considered a very bad health risk to go outside without masks.  Apparently the fires in Myanmar (Burma) haven’t been fully put out and our local fires have flared up again.

My other crisis – expiring VISA cards have eased until next month – apparently they send out replacement cards 15 day before they expire  – I have to have mine sent over here when they are received in my post box – so I’ll be just under the wire if the mail gets through on time – to call and get them activated – time now to set some cash aside just in case.

Going to look at another Mira car this afternoon – Tasanai needs a car fro himself and this may be a good deal for us – more insurance costs though – never ends – but if I get the car in Tasanai’s name then the Thai Ins will be far less than if it is in my name.   Farangs (foreigners) are a deep pocket here and so need to have the best Ins. protection.  I’ll get some pictures if we buy it.