Skype calls

Sawadee Khrap

Just got off a 45 min call to my Nephew in San Francisco using Skype – great quality sound – just like he was right next to me – and FREE.  I am really impressed.  Now I have Skype and Yahoo Messenger on most of the time, but I do run in invisible mode as I am not directly in front of the computer all the time.  Send me a chat and I’ll go online –

Get it – You’ll love it



2 thoughts on “Skype calls”

  1. sorry i’m in songkhla near hat yai thats at the other end of thailand from you thanks for keeping us informed of the haze if you want to see songkhla and the boys got to
    and put search in songkhla its best if you download thier viewer that gives you full screen and you can also make a libary and keep

    Thanks David
    I did try out Veoh – great videos, are you or do you know “bedbugy” – he has some great videos on Songkhla. I’ll add the link to my sidebar. I’ll also send you a email – lets chat. Frank

  2. would be great if tot has the power in my broadband

    Hi David I use “TRUE” (only the name is – hehe) in Chiang Mai and it seems to work great. Please let me know if TOT can offer you good bandwidth too – Are you in the North or BKK. Thanks for the comment. Frank

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